Tri-County Restorative Justice
About Us

Tri-County Restorative Justice is a partner with the Nova Scotia Department of Justice, delivering the Nova Scotia Restorative Justice (NSRJ) program to every community in the counties of Shelburne, Yarmouth and Digby.  As a  community based organization, we explore a more meaningful accountability experience for youth and adults, a voice and  support for victims of  crime and a role for community members to become directly engaged in the delivery of restorative processes. 

Our agency is a partner with many individuals, organizations and networks. Outside of our work with  the NSRJ ,we have established  supportive relationships  within our communities to  priortize the importance of thinking and working restoratively about positive outcomes for healthier and safer communities.  

Tri-County Restorative Justice is committed to collaborating in innovative ways across sectors outside of criminal justice. Building stronger and healthier communities by networking and sharing ideas regarding crime prevention remains a priority. We learn so much everyday from the people we meet and the relationships that we build. These relationships continue to broaden our thinking in relational ways to help contribute to safe communities.