Tri-County Restorative Justice
For Community

Crime affects everyone and we like to work together to  address harm and create safer communities. A restorative approach focuses on holding individuals accountable in a more meaningful way, repairing the harm caused by an offence, reintegrating individuals positively  back  into our  communities, and achieving a sense of healing and reparation for the community when harm has been caused. Community members are invited to participate in a Restorative process and play an important role in responding to and reducing crime.

Role of Community in the Restorative Process

    • Community has a voice in the response to crime
    • Actively participate in achieving justice in the community
      • supporting the client(s) in making positive,  future focused decsions
      • holding   individuals accountable for harm they have caused
      • encourage  and support reintegration back into the community
      • increase public confidence in the justice system
    • Community members focus on and respond to the causes of the crime:
      • understand how the behavior has affected the community
      • understand the circumstances and can help with rehabilitation, support individuals in making positive changes
      • keeps public informed of the ongoing issues
      • provide increased sense of safety through reparation and prevention

Who is Community?

Representation from:

  • Public
  • Business
  • Police
  • Schools
  • Service Providers such as:
    • Mental Health
    • Addictions Services
    • Community Services
    • Schools Plus
    • Senior Safety
    • Tri-County Women's Centre
    • SHYFT
    • Split Rock Learning Centre

If you are a community member who would like to learn more about becoming involved in our restorative processes, please contact us for more information.