Tri-County Restorative Justice

For Senior Safety

Tri-County Restorative Justice is committed to supporting the growth of a restorative approach in our communities across Nova Scotia. 

Tri-County R.A.S.S  ( Restorative Approach to Senior Safety) is a Network consisting of Senior Saftey Coordinators, Tri-County Restorative Justice,  Community Heath Nurse, Adult Protection and the NS Housing Authority.  Our focus has been on issues addressed by Senior Safety Coordinators who are working directly with Seniors and their families. We  meet to broaden our knowledge, share resources on senior issues, brainstorm strategies to help seniors  and their families.

As an international expert in relational theory,  restorative justice and truth commissions, Dr. Jennifer Llewellyn grounded our work by linking the following relational principles to our Network: